Special new Language Programmes French, German, Italian or Spanish
Once monthly programmes to improve your language in authentic setting. Start late September 2012.
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Professional Interpretation Services

A service to enable you to bridge the language divide.

We provide a worldwide service, interpreting between in excess of 100 languages.

The aim of our service is to ensure accurate communication in meetings, conferences, industrial and general situations between individuals and companies where understanding the language is the key.

Our interpreters work in a wide range of settings from:

Simple Communication between 2 people.


Involvement in Industrial contexts

Work in the Medical area

Business & Commerce

The Legal field

And others

To ensure an accurate and high quality service we use the proven skills of well qualified and experienced interpreters with the ability and technical knowledge to provide a high quality service wherever & whenever needed throughout the world.

We have developed many successful links with the Manufacturing & Business in Wales and beyond. In addition we also do considerable work in the Service Sector, including Social Services Departments, Health Authorities, Voluntary Organisations, the Police, Magistrates, Solicitors etc..

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No job is too small nor too large.

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