English programmes at Languages Direct

We are a well-established English language school in Cardiff, with a first class reputation for providing excellent English courses to suit the needs of young & old.

Our different English progurammes, available all year round, are designed for:

  • University entrance and academic purposes - IELTS.
  • Those needing Work Experience programmes.
  • Who want to improve their employment prospects in the UK
  • The young, and adults too, who are free to study in the summer.
  • Business people.

The type of courses we provide are:

  • General English - Covering reading, writing, listening, and pronunciation. These courses are designed for 16+. Start any Monday and attend for a little as two weeks.
  • IELTS – To gain entrance to university. See the dedicated page.
  • Summer Courses – If you are 13 years old or more come to Cardiff and enjoy all that South Wales has to offer. Improve your English; attend afternoon activities, and stay with school approved host families.
  • Business English- For businesses that employees overseas staff. And Employees who want to improve their English. Why not try out our specific business English courses.
  • Improver English for University Students – You've passes IELTS your in university and you want that top grade. Try out these classes to improve your language abilities.

Profit from your stay. Immerse yourself in English.

Students studying English in the UK find Languages Direct to give an ideal environment for improving their language skills.

The school, situated the heart of Cardiff, a friendly, welcoming city, will give you an ideal experience in a first rate language school.

Cardiff, recently voted number one city in the UK, is the beautiful capital of Wales. Set between mountains and the sea, it has a rich cultural life, a busy social scene and one of the best shopping centres in Britain. As a university city it has many international students and offers a wide range of leisure facilities.

Hosting the new National Assembly for Wales, it is fast developing as a commercial and industrial city with a business community including many top international companies. It has an international airport and is located two hours from London.

To find out more about what we have to offer you contact us by phone or e-mail.

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