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Our aim is to respond immediately to the language needs of Organisations and Individuals in South Wales and worldwide.

Founded in 1990, we are a dynamic Company, based in Cardiff, Wales. Throughout our history we have served the Language needs of Private businesses, individuals, Health Authorities, County Councils, and other local Service providers in the city and well beyond. We have become a language services provider on a national and international scale.

If you want to understand what is said or written in any other language we can provide the language training or the interpreting and translation service for you.

Our expertise guarantees a top quality, competitive, professional service.

The services offered include:

  • Translation
  • We have translators all over the world that provide a fast service in many languages in and out of English.
  • Interpretation
  • We pride ourselves that we can provide almost every language spoken. Individuals from diverse linguistic backgrounds whose lack of English means they need support in many situations. We can help you communicate with these individuals
  • English Teaching
  • Our full-time School provides English Courses for speakers of foreign languages.
  • Some of our many clients include: Students who intend to study at UK Universities.
  • Company employees who need to improve their English Others who need English for different reasons
  • Foreign Languages
  • Business purposes
  • Life & work overseas
  • And many other reasons

To find out more about what we offer you please consult the relevant pages of this website.

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